Pet Quality of Life Assessments

Making the decision to euthanize a beloved companion is heartbreaking.  Few, if any, things in life prepare us to make the decision to end a life we love so deeply.  However, euthanasia is often the kindest and bravest choice we can make for our pets when they are no longer enjoying a decent quality of life.  Knowing when can be the most challenging part of this process.  When we are with them every day it can be difficult to assess how they are doing and how things are changing over time.
A quality of life assessment allows for an in-home, comprehensive evaluation that includes not only a physical exam, but also an examination of your pet’s individual environment and routine. It allows me a unique opportunity to assess their interactions with the people and pets in their surroundings and determine their comfort level.  Is also allows me to make suggestions to improve comfort and mobility in their home. We will have time to discuss what your pet may be experiencing with a particular disease process and also what can be expected in the future.  Often we will also discuss factors to consider when determining the right time for euthanasia.

Please note that I am not a full-service mobile veterinary hospital and cannot perform diagnostics such as blood work or x-rays.  I also do not carry medications with me for dispensing.   I can, however, discuss options for diagnostics to consider with your regular veterinarian if deemed appropriate. I can also prescribe medications as well as make treatment recommendations to help improve your pet’s quality of life.

In some cases, we may decide together that euthanasia is the kindest choice for your pet.  The goal of a quality of life assessment is to tailor the appointment to your individual pet’s needs as well as determine what is most appropriate for them and for you.